Met Police Cop sacked for violent assault on own sister

PC Thomas Greany, a firearms officer with the Met, was sacked on 24th October 2017.

A tribunal at Empress State Building (the HQ of DPS) was held in mid-October where he faced a charges of misconduct. The officer was not present. In his absence he was represented by Inspector Fox.

The officer,  from the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection OCU, was heading home by taxi with his parents, wife and sister when an argument broke out at Caddington, Bedfordshire on 22nd November 2015.

His sister left the taxi and according to witnesses, PC Greany followed her, attacked her and then dragged her across the road before standing over her in a very threatening manner.

A taxi driver who was behind saw the incident and jumped out to stop the altercation. He shouted to Greany “What the hell do you think you’re doing? You don’t hit a woman.”

Greany replied, “She’s not a woman, she’s my sister.” He then proceed to assault this other taxi driver.

The arguments and assaults continued on the forecourt of a nearby house.  Its owner, Mr Mills, went to open the door and investigate. The door was forced in with such violence the house owner was floored.

Bedfordshire Police allege there wasn’t enough evidence to issue criminal charges against PC Greany.

However the Met Police heard from witnesses and watched a video showing parts of the incident underway. The tribunal decided PC Greany be dismissed. It said “It is inconceivable that the public would have any confidence in an officer who has behaved with such disregard to the standards.”

It heard PC Greany had tried to resign before the hearing to avoid embarrassment. He was sacked from the MPS with immediate effect.

This is a very brief summary from Police Oracle who fully reported the case. I compiled this report for the simple reason no other media outlet has reported on the matter.

Just one international media source has reported on this so far: Irish Post

The local media Luton Today managed to do a write up.

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