Services and organisations’ built in redundancy for clients

I wrote the following in May 2014 and have only just discovered it in my archives!

Many are left out of the social assets that are made for people. Organisations & charities may be nuemrous but there will always be gaps or services not availabe because of so many parameters or quirks of rules etc.

The UK’s legal system – the juidiciary as it is known, is not fully particiapnt or acceessible to all. Some cannot get legal aid and niether have enough money to get a solicitor either.

We could say the system likes to have gaps because it is the most subtle way of management – by letting many slip through the net. Many organisations have rules. These rules mean certain paths. Obviously not all eventualities can be covered. So again there are gaps.

Right across the country support for asd’s (those with autism) and other disabilities is dire. Even massive gaps in organisations that are meant to support us.

In law there are also many gaps when it comes to victims. This is why so many find they cannot get the proper justice or support they need. And there is a lot of replication across the country which means gaps are in essence enforced upon many.

Everywhere we see new organisations and charities filling in a gap, but there are gaps that cant be filled because of current paradigms.

The original idea for vulnerable in society and justice denotes that in both spheres there are many gaps. And still are many gaps.

My original idea was for an organisation that could fill in gaps where present services could not, because there ARE a lot of gaps.

Yes however it was also stressed that disabled people must not be made powerless, especially by organisations and the state.

I find beyond a certain level society doesn’t care and would prefer us to just go away. Some of those gaps I find in regards to my disabilities and my needs.

There are so many mechanisms disabling people.

Despite abuse I got pushed from organisation to organisation. Its like “we dont want to know.” That in itself is incredibly abusive.

There isnt even a playing field even despite what the experts/politicians are telling us.

It is because there are people who get left out entirely. Like myself. And I have found many who have the same experiences. There is no-one to account for them.

Its like the disabled immigrants who were featured in an exhibition last year (this refers to an exhibition at the Guardian building in King’s Cross during 2012) there was absolutely no support for them.

Services are always geared towards certain areas, and gaps are apparent, even built in, to make potential clients disappear off the radar, and accountability is curated in such a way to make organisations look good on paper.

There needs to be more from the ground up. We need to see that everyone is covered and that no-one is left out.

Many people start off with aspirations of finding solutions but soon find services just pass the buck. If these services had been moderately successful we should have seen improvements, not huge numbers of people left wondering where they should go next.

The system has to stop having black holes that people are inexorably sucked into. Its like a nightmare train service. One gets on it hoping to arrive at their destination. Instead they are turfed out at a halt in the middle of nowhere with no signposts or directions or maps.

In many organisations and services across the country the level of potential client abandonment is huge.

I must add that in 2017 we are still seeing this kind of level of abandonment from our so called caring services. The recent horror that occurred at Grenfell Tower and the subsequent events showed up the woeful inability of many organisations to support the numerous people affected by this disaster.

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