The Met – Misconduct Wonderland: 2016/17 list of criminal cops

The full list of misconduct cases for 2016 – with some cases still ongoing in 2017.

There’s at least 80 officers listed, with a few other additional statuses currently unknown.

In the week following the terrorist atrocity committed on Westminster Bridge, three Met Cops made the news because of their paedophile tendencies:

Special Constable Craig Keane was jailed for sexually abusing a young boy. Keane’s henious act was caught on camera.

Quite shockingly PC Peter Ba Han was been spared jail for being in possession of child porn. In other words he’s been let off. That really is NOT right. This needs to change. Police Officers in the Met cannot be allowed to get away with these crimes.

A third Met Officer was suspended and charged with possession of child porn, including creating images and publishing obscene material. That’s PC Grant Thomas.

A further case involving a Met sergeant who admitted conducting what amounted to revenge porn emerged when the sergeant, who had been suspended, was killed in a car crash. The case clearly had been ongoing and Sgt Tim Lundy had admitted posting sex pictures on Facebook. He was due to face full trial in July 2017.

Paedophilla: Alistair Leiper, Christopher Maitland, Craig Keane, Gary Cawthorne, Grant Thomas, James Belam, John Hudson, John Wigglesworth, Kenneth Dymond, Linford Braitwaithe, Michael Berllaque, Nicholas Tweedie, Peter Ba Han, Rupert Watkins, Stephen McMillan.

Sexual perversion: Irshad Kamal, Ian Maidlow, Rytis Gilys.

Rape: Michael Graham.

Inappropriate relationships: Anirudh Raichura, Charlotte Peters (case ensued into 2017 – she was sentenced to 22 months in Dec 2016 for an inappropriate relationship with a rape victim, and finally sacked on 27 February 2017); Leon Mason, Steven Strange.

Racism: Emilio Sabatino, Kirsten Treasure, Paul Findlater.

Homophobia: Mick Neville.

Assault/violence: Ben Cowen, Karen Fraser, Mark Toulson, Melanie Davies, Paul Blundell, Paul Swift, Shane Moulds, Steven Hartrey, Taiyab Darr.

Unnecessary force: Kevin Parks, MPS Tower Hamlets (detail lacking); Paul Hyland.

Fraud/theft: David Robinson, Dennis Weeks, Nicola Elston, Thomas Dappa, Samuel Perren.

Domestic violence: Bobby Cooper, Ian Mangham, Pere Daobry, Phillip Harvey.

Motoring offences: Lee Drake, Louise Wilson, Lucasz Wooster, Spencer Garland.

Drugs: Alastair Rudd, Darren Lewis, Grant McPhearson.

Malice: Matthew Holloway.

Deception: Emma Llewellyn, Mark Caulker, Michael Burgess (dismissed on 23 March 2017), Paul Swift, Ryan McGowan, Stephen Faulkner.

Breach of professional behaviour: Aleya Uddin, Claire Derbyshire, George Crosbie, Peter Cruise.

Offensiveness: Alan Moore, Darren Williams.

Being drunk: David Parker, Karen Fraser, Louise Wilson, Mark Toulson, Melanie Davies.

Not having train tickets: Frank Partridge, Saijid Farooq.

Misuse of confidential databases etc: Hayden Cheremeh, Lydia Lauro, Paul Potter.

Miscellaneous: Gordon Semple – although he was murdered it is clear he undertook a desire to breach professional standards expected of the police. The Met’s Detective Chief Superintendent Ayling said in an interview regarding Semple’s breaches: “Sadly, it is clear from the investigation that Gordon, a man who had dedicated the last three decades of his life to policing London, was behaving on duty in a way that no police officer should. Gordon held a position of trust, and he broke that trust.”

Pending: Joshua Savage (charged with possession of a bladed article, criminal damage, common assault and threatening behaviour) – case now with CPS; Michael Harrington (Pocketed thousands in seized money from Heathrow passengers – charged with 11 counts of theft) hearing scheduled for 7 July 2017.

Unknown status: James McKibbin (alleged rape – court appearance at Westminster Magistrates listed for 5 December 2016 but can find no record of the hearing); Notting Hill Cops (six officers’ misconduct in forcibly stripping a victim); The sleeping policeman of Harrow (no more news since media revealed local PSCO was constantly sleeping on the job); Police officer’s driving offence in Wood Green (despite media revelations again nothing else heard.)

Further updates pending.

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