The Met – Misconduct Wonderland

Some of these cases took a lot of effort to track down, combing Twitter and other sources diligently was the only way of managing this. Its clear there’s so many misconduct cases – far more than meets the public eye.

These are tweets that tell the story about these police perverts, paedos, rapists, and whatever else they may be.

It is intended to be the most comprehensive listings of Met Police misconduct from a Twitter perspective. There are far more entries on London Investigates’ list than found on those official police lists – including the Met and College of Policing.

The title of the posts – Misconduct Wonderland – means exactly that. Its just unbelievable there are so many unsavory police officers, yet in many ways knowing the Met Police, its not any sort of surprise really.

So far there’s 42 cases with known IDs – nearly one for each week of the year (as of 22nd November 2016.) There are a few more cases however the officer’s ID is not known.

At least 11 of these officers on the list are convicted paedos, with practically all having to sign the sex offenders register (see separate list)

UPDATE: 16 December 2016 – A fourth and fifth installment are on the way. Currently the total number of misconduct cases stand at 55 – nearly twenty more cases than the official figures.

Note: There are so many cases there are currently three parts, with more on the way.

PC John Wigglesworth

PC David Robinson

PC Claire Derbyshire / PC Peter Cruise

PC Rytis Gilys

DC Christopher Maitland

PC Paul Potter

Note: PC Potter was once applauded for having won a Royal Humane Society Award…

SPC Linford Braitwaithe

PC Shane Moulds / PC Steven Hartrey

PC Hartrey had previously been commended for saving a woman from a burning building:

PC Nicola Elston

DS Ian Mangham

Following this are Part Two. Part Three.

The full list of officers/staff guilty of misconduct or similar during 2016:

Aleya Uddin, Bobby Cooper, Charlotte Peters, Christopher Maitland, Claire Derbyshire, Darren Lewis, David Parker, David Robinson, Dennis Weeks, Emilio Sabatino, George Crosbie, Ian Maidlow, Ian Mangham, John Hudson, John Wigglesworth, Karen Fraser, Kenneth Dymond, Kirsten Treasure, Leon Mason, Louise Wilson, Lucasz Wooster, Matthew Holloway, Michael Berllaque, Michael Graham, Nicholas Tweedie, Nicola Elston, Paul Findlater, Paul Hyland, Paul Potter, Pere Daobry, Peter Cruise, Phillip Harvey, Ryan McGowan, Rytis Gilys, Saijid Farooq, Samuel Perren, Shane Moulds, Spencer Garland, Stephen McMillan, Steven Hartrey, Thomas Dappa

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