The Met – Misconduct Wonderland #2

This is part two of Met Misconduct Wonderland. Part One. Part Three.

Sgt Kirsten Treasure

PC Paul Blundell

PC Darren Lewis

PC Michael Graham

PC Stephen McMillan

PC Leon Mason

Note: Very little is known about PC Mason, however here’s a notice of misconduct hearing

PC Alistair Leiper

PC Kenneth Dymond

Police officer jailed for child porn offences

TDC Alastair Rudd

PC George Crosbie

PC Pere Daobry

PC Phillip Harvey

PC Saijid Farooq

PC Karen Fraser

PC Bobby Cooper

PC Matthew Holloway

PC Anirudh (Rudi) Raichura

Bringing retired coppers back for misconduct proceedings not deemed worth it:

PC Samuel Perren

PC Spencer Garland

PC Nicholas Tweedie

DC Dennis Weeks

PC Ryan McGowan

PC Louise Wilson

PC Lucasz Wooster

The full list of officers/staff guilty of misconduct or similar during 2016:

Aleya Uddin, Bobby Cooper, Charlotte Peters, Christopher Maitland, Claire Derbyshire, Darren Lewis, David Parker, David Robinson, Dennis Weeks, Emilio Sabatino, George Crosbie, Ian Maidlow, Ian Mangham, John Hudson, John Wigglesworth, Karen Fraser, Kenneth Dymond, Kirsten Treasure, Leon Mason, Louise Wilson, Lucasz Wooster, Matthew Holloway, Michael Berllaque, Michael Graham, Nicholas Tweedie, Nicola Elston, Paul Findlater, Paul Hyland, Paul Potter, Pere Daobry, Peter Cruise, Phillip Harvey, Ryan McGowan, Rytis Gilys, Saijid Farooq, Samuel Perren, Shane Moulds, Spencer Garland, Stephen McMillan, Steven Hartrey, Thomas Dappa

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