Met Perverts 2016

In 2016 (so far) we have seventeen Met officers of varying stature (convicted or otherwise) for paedophilia, underage sex, rape, sexual harassment etc. Thats an average of one Met officer every 2-3 weeks to mid November 2016.

PC John Wigglesworth (sentenced for underage sex & grooming – January 2016)

PC Rupert Watkins (possession of child pornography sentenced – January 2016)

Chief Darren Williams (Sexual misconduct and stimulated sex – January 2016 / November 2016)

PC Rytis Gilys (sentenced for fondling female officers & sexual harassment – April 2016)

DC Christopher Maitland (from the Sexual Offences & Child Abuse division. Sentenced for sexually touching young girls – April 2016)

Special Constable Linford Braitwaithe (sentencing not known – dismissed from police however – made category C images of children – April 2016)

PC Alistair Leiper (sentenced for indecent films of children and sex with a 13 year old – May 2016)

PC Stephen McMillan (sentenced for underage sex with girl he met via Tinder – July 2016)

PC Kenneth Dymond (sentenced for extreme porn including film of babies being raped – June 2016)

PC Irshad Kamal (filming himself having sex with women, sexual harassment – June 2016)

PC Michael Graham (sentencing for raping woman during a horrific nine-month abuse campaign – June 2016)

PC Gary Cawthorne (ex Met, sentenced for underage sex & attempting to lure young girls – June 2016)

PC Nicholas Tweedie (sentenced for making indecent images of children – September 2016)

PC Michael Berllaque (retired Met cop, sentenced for sexually abusing children – October 2016)

PC Charlotte Peters (from Sexual Offences & Child Abuse division – sex with a rape victim – October 2016) NOTE: Case re PC Peters is ongoing. Trial starts at Southwark Crown Court November 23

PC John Hudson (deceased – raped young girls – case only just come to light – November 2016)

PC Ian Maidlow (threats of rape & groping female officers – November 2016)

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