The Met Police: A week of perverts

Ever thought the Met Police was full of suspect officers? There seems to be so many of these barely a week goes by without some officer making it into news (and quite a few that dont unfortunately.)

The very first week of March 2016 revealed three completely separate cases of Met officers’ misdeeds with regards to sexual perversion. It must be a record!


On the first day of March was the news of Special Constable Linford Braitwaithe, an East London officer aged 27 based in Barking who was charged with making and posessing indecent images of children. He is due to face trial at Westminster Magistrates Court on 29th March 2016.


Following on the same day was the case of PC Irshad Kamal, aged 47 from Wandsworth who was placed on sex offenders register after admitting to secretly filming himself having sex with 18 sex workers. Here’s another report. He was found out because a warning was put out on the National Ugly Mugs website about his activities. Apart from placement on the Sex Offenders Register for five years and a community order, the courts practically let him off.


Just four days later, almost in pursuit of these first two cases, came this one involving an un-named West London officer from Ealing who was arrested for having underage sex with a child. Apparently the couple began meeting through the Tinder app. He was only caught because the victim had to go to hopsital and he tried to see her, which raised the suspicions of the NHS staff. That same day, the 29 January 2016, he was arrested, as originally reported by the Mirror.

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