The Met’s Past Masters (2)

A series of brief portfolios featuring notorious Metropolitan Police officers.

2: Pc James Kiddie

PC James Kiddie from Ruislip is well known for his assault on entirely innocent Black victim Sarah Reed. He yanked her hair, pulled her off a chair and threw her onto the floor, delivering a nasty punch to her head in the process.

This was not Kiddie’s only foray into the world of police criminality. In 2011 he sprayed protesters directly in the face with cs gas in direct breach of the rules. The Met police dismissed the protesters’ claims however a video showed Kiddie in the act of directly administering CS spray onto a protester’s face. An investigation was begun and Kiddie found guilty of using unlawful force against six UK Uncut protesters. Compensation was paid.

In 2008 Kiddie was found to have conducted lack of courtesy whilst 2011 saw Kidde use discriminatory comments. The Met doesnt elaborate on what these incidents were.

At Kiddie’s trial in Westminster Magistrates Court during 2014 the judge said, ‘The appellant we found to be dishonest, scheming and to exaggerate.’ A misconduct hearing followed and Kiddie found himself no longer a policeman.


Kiddie’s court record from The Law Pages


Kiddie’s victim Sarah Reed was subject to an attempted rape in Maudsley Hospital in October 2014.  When the Met Police attended the incident it was Sarah who was arrested, not her assailant.

Sarah Reed was yet another victim of police brutality She never recovered from Kiddie’s assault and was found dead in Holloway prison in January 2016.

#SarahReed #SayHerName #BlackLivesMatter

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