Mr Perkins’ Welfare Traits


Adam Perkins of Kings College, London, has written a book called ‘The Welfare Trait.’

Except its not a trait. Its a quest for dubious science in the same sense as the Bell Curve or Alexander Bell’s Eugenics.

Perkins’ quest is to find a dubious link between welfare, families, siblings and an increased resistance to work, such subjects preferring to remain on welfare throughout their lives. That’s it in a nutshell, this ‘trait’ that our Mr Adam Perkins is constructing. Its a bit like Mr Alexander Graham Bell claiming that the more ‘deaf-mutes’ who meet and marry and gather socially, the infinitely greater danger the world would be taken over by deaf people.


Published by the National Academy of the Sciences – Bell’s pseudo claptrap given scientific status!

Bell’s dubious claptrap was dangerously endearing and had huge implications for deaf communities as the authorities sought to grasp and implement the very thinking behind Mr Graham’s eugenics. As history showed, Bell’s ideas soon spread right across the spectrum of disabled people, not just the deaf, and authorities were screwing the disabled left, right and centre, sterilising, euthanasia, aborting, even locking up those survivors who managed to survive this dangerous programme of elimination and brainwashing them into believing they were simply no-good bods who had no worthy contribution of any sort to make to society.

No doubt IDS and the Tories (those clever burghers currently plotting the decimation of disabled people by denying them the support and the benefits they need), they must be rubbing their hands in glee that such a prominent professor based just a short boat row downstream from Parliament has what seems a magic formulae for determining workshy laziness and how it propagates through the ages. Its a claptrap the Tories are gonna love, it’ll be the magic bullet they need to say ‘look the welfare state doesnt work let’s get rid of it altogether.’

Below is shown a graph that totally contradicts what Mr Perkins is saying.


Remember Mr Perkins’ quest is to find laziness and how it propagates through families, to find a magic bullet that gives every reason to bring the end of the welfare state as we know it. In the above graph we can see that despite Mr Perkins’ claims, ONS stats do show that people in work are more likely to have larger families. Those at the lazy, workshy end, as Mr Perkins sees it are in fact those who have the least siblings of all. Its clear there isnt a trait as such that he is making out.

I’m glad in many ways that at least such an agreeable and conscientious ‘solid citizen’ has found a means of work by which he can make these dubious claims and sit on his golden throne while making such grandiose directions as to how to view, categorise, and subsequently treat these alleged, dangerously workshy rabbit-breeding sections of society.

Here’s one result of Mr Perkin’s endeavours:


Mr Perkins has claimed that there are people who allege his science is not valid and are thus surpressing the notion of free speech. If one reads Twitter its quite evident Mr PHD guy will not answer many queries and concerns regarding his ‘science.’ Seems he is quite adept at suppressing free speech too!

Here’s a fantastic storify by PsychologyBrief showing the clear arguments against Perkins’ ideas – excellent examples of both scientific and statistical data which contradict Perkins’ dubious claims.

In my own experience it is clear to me society likes to keep some people economically inactive (because we are disabled, or some other factor) and its nothing to do with workshyness or laziness. It is that many disabled people (including myself) are actively prevented from getting work because we just dont fit in.

I am surprised that Mr Perkins has not thought it expedient to investigate such matters, for it might show our clever King’s College PHD guy the very quack science he is propounding is faulty, downright dangerous and eugenicist.

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