The Met’s Past Masters (1)

A series of brief portfolios featuring notorious Metropolitan Police officers.

1: PC Simon Harwood

Harwood from Carshalton is famous for the death of newspaper vendor, Ian Tomlinson. At the G20 protests in the City of London during 2009 Harwood attacked Tomlinson with such violence causing Tomlinson to fall heavily to the ground. The internal injuries sustained by Tomlinson as a result caused his death just a few moments later.

Harwood was a member of the Met’s controversial TSG (Territorial Support Group) unit.

Tomlinson wasnt the only victim of Harwood’s. Here’s a list of some of that officer’s further misdeeds:

2000 – Road Rage: Harwood assaults driver after a road collision, conducts unlawful arrest and falsifies arrest documents. Met makes secret payout to victim.

2004 – Assault: Harwood grabbed a victim by the neck, punched him and threw him into a table which broke.

2005 – Assault: Harwood knees suspect in South London. A complaint is made – Harwood confronts that person claiming he will “send people round to set fire to his house” –  as well as threatening to break the daughter’s neck.

2006 – Racism: Met makes another secret payout to 12 year old Emilie Diakiese – whom Harwood had punched & then made racist remarks.

At Harwood’s trial the court was informed “There can be no question that Harwood is someone willing to abuse his position as a police officer and, when angry or upset, to act unlawfully.”

This excellent blog post pretty well sums up everything there is to know about Simon Harwood.

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