Violent Met Cops? We have lots (quite a few liars too…)

I’ve written on Amit Sharma before at length here, this is a shocking case of cops going wild and beating the shit out of people for no reason. Besides Sharma I’ve written on quite a few other violent Met Cops, but it doesnt end there. The story of Sarah Reed’s death reminds us once again the list of violent, lying, cops is a very long one. PC James Kidde’s attack on Sarah wasnt even his first foray into violence.

Its much like PC Simon Harwood. He was a violent cop. He killed someone. Remember? A defenceless man by the name of Ian Tomlinson? Pushed him. Shoved him. His victim landed on the pavement real hard. Died a few moments later. Wasnt his first time either.

A classic Met Police attempt at a cover up followed – ‘our offciers did nothing, the man fell on his own, whatever blah, blah.’ Official statements were simply denying police had killed the man.

The Guardian comes up with a challenge. It has a video of a Met officer PUSHING Ian Tomlinson. The Met Police is absolutely confident it could get away with it. Isnt that what criminals do?

The IPCC chipped in too. Both thought the story of an frail man falling on the pavement and dying of a simple heart attack was too good to loose. The IPCC even tried to force the Guardian to ban the truth. Talk about a police complaints authority collaborating with a bunch of criminals!

It is absolutely damn fucking right the police should be caught red handed. Just like those criminals it purports to chase. Fighting crime is not just about criminals but also about police forces that act criminally. This is something the police regularly forget when they put on their own boots.

We’ve had PC Warren Luke, who was let off for violently attacking a woman in Great Ormond Street Hospital. Just like raping women seems to be rubber stamped by the Met Police (eg Worboys) we now have the same police force essentially rubber-stamping violence against women. I suppose the Met also rubber stamps racism, disablist and other hate crimes – as well as spying on victims too, evne having sex where the occasion requires? Clearly victims are just too good for the police.

We’re always being told we need the protection of the police. We’re always told there are not enough police. Its a bit like being told there are not enough mafia and we need more protection rackets for our own good. The police are never there to protect anyone but their own. Their ‘own’ may extend perhaps to esteemed citizens who have been granted a special kind of favouritism, but that in itself is tenacious, based upon a bais and subject to instant revoking by top Met command.

I’ve written before about the Holloway Boys. Shocking case of violence. One those Met Police officers had a deep thirst for, actively setting out to find vulnerable victims they could whip, beat, main, bruise and cut with sheer delight. Its a bit like, ‘we dont like the look of you, you’re gonna get a good hiding – and we’ll lie all we want about it.’

I’ve researched the Met to its bones and found all sorts of unpleasant cops who have headbutted boys by the A40, threatened to smash in the brains of autistic kids, raped women in police storerooms, beat up legal researchers at Parliament for the simple pleasure of enjoying the victims’ pain, operated racist policies against other those rare officers who dared to show integrity, and even sexually intimidate them. Thats just the short of it.


The Met’s Total Policing. Source: Pierce Penniless

It is said policing is about the law. No it isnt. Its about upholding an idea, a meme, an institution, a religious belief that police are always right, and nothing more. And a lot of that has to be based on sex, lies and violence.

Clearly if you dont look right, sound right, dress right, walk right – you become a Met victim. That means most of us, and this is what the ‘rather sinister term for the philosophy of policing’ – Total Policing – is all about (1)

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