List of Met police assaults against disabled people

Note: This does not include custody deaths, fabrications, false confessions, mis-justices (eg Worboys etc.) The list is by no means complete and does not include cases where disability is suspected but not confirmed.

Sep 1980: Polio victim – MPS assault, battery, wrongful arrest

1981: Islington police assault blind man, causing severe injury

Dec 1981: Disabled woman assaulted in Barkingside by officers from Ilford

Nov 1982: Disabled man & his girlfriend asssaulted by officers from Tower Bridge police station

Dec 1985: Deaf man assaulted – judge rebuked police for misconduct

Jul 1997: False imprisonment/unlawful treatment of woman with MH

Jan 1988: False imprisonment of two under age disabled boys

Jan 1989: Disabled couple attacked – malicious prosecution, assault, false imprisonment

Dec 1996: Disabled man assaulted by ‘wild’ TSG officer

2001: Assault, false imprisonment of disabled man at Shoreditch (City Road)

Nov 2001: Disabled man assaulted & falsely imprisoned

Jul 2004: assault on woman with learning disabilities

Jul 2005: Autistic man assaulted in Southwark

Jul 2005: Disabled mum assaulted after night out

Jun 2006: Disabled mum assaulted trying to protect sons

Aug 2008: Autistic boy terrorised and assaulted, falsely imprisioned

Apr 2009: Disabled man unlawfully killed by riot police

Jul 2009: ‘Gratuitous’ assault on man with learning disabilities

Dec 2010: Disabled man assaulted by riot police

Aug 2011: Disabled man assaulted, falsely imprisoned

Dec 2011: TSG assaults boy with learning disabilities

Jun 2012: Disabled triker assaulted by BTP (representing MPS)

Oct 2012: TSG terrorise patients with MH

Nov 2012: Officer assaults woman with MH

Dec 2013: Mum of child with CP assaulted by officer

2014: Autistic child assaulted by Lambeth MPS

May 2014: Down syndrome kid falsely imprisoned by police

Apr 2015: Drugs unit terrorise family with autistic children


  1. The number of officers found of wrongful conduct against disabled people is zero
  2. Complaints by disabled people against MPS barely upheld. Just a couple from hundreds of complaints.
  3. In just one case an officer was found guilty (Ian Tomlinson case – ref PC Simon Harwood) however its not related to disability at all. Neither media nor the courts noted Tomlinson’s disabilities.

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