The `Reverend Doctor` – an exploiter of Disabled and MH people

This is a guest post written by David Sheekey – who had met the ‘Revered Doctor’ on a number of occasions when the ‘Doctor’ attempted to infiltrate bipolar groups in Liverpool and Lancashire, and thus exploit vulnerable people.

The `Reverend Doctor` George Gordon` is a serial recidivist. In March 2013 he was sentenced to five years for fraud at Liverpool Crown Court, This was going to be his third jolt in the slammer. The titles he boasts about were as bogus as the the `social enterprise` project known as the Somewhere Else Mental Health he ran in Sefton And Liverpool. He served on the Merseyside Disability Foundation and was able to approve his own projects. Thousands were siphoned from the charity ultimately causing it to close.

The Liverpool Echo reports on George Gordon May 2013

Gordon’s titles were obtained free gratis from a Canadian website, indeed one of Merseyside Police’s officers investigating Gordon went down the same route and acquired a similar certificate – so he too is now Reverend Doctor.

Extract from Daily Mail on the ease of gaining fake certificates

Gordon’s last scam involved him inveigling his way into The Bipolar Organisation, a national charity that supports both sufferers and carers of that relentless and disabling mental health problem.

The Liverpool Echo reveals failures in stopping George Gordon

From there Gordon networked relentlessly across the Merseyside voluntary sector. The Bipolar Organisation runs self help groups nationwide, one such group was in Liverpool. Gordon was a regular attender at the Liverpool groups meetings, he also claimed to manage another similar self help group for Liverpool Students.

3TC House, Crosby, Liverpool, from where Gordon ‘managed’ many of his ‘projects’
Gordon was not alone having no right to attend a support group for people with bipolar disorder, friends of his started turning up too, one notable being a former Ormskirk Labour County Councillor who was neither a sufferer nor a carer for someone with bipolar disorder – one may as well ask – why was he there?

Both men also attended a Bipolar Organisation regional conference also held in Liverpool Was the attraction that female members of Bipolar disorder can be particularly vulnerable to sexual advances, either if they are manic and they can lose inhibitions or if they are low, in a depressed mood, and a comforting arm can direct them to the pub post meeting conveniently arranged by Gordon? Certainly this was happening in Liverpool.

George Gordon’s involvement with the Bipolar organisation took on many forms

What should have been a place of safety for women and sufferers of Bipolar Disorder became a sordid singles night. The targeting of women with either mental health issues or learning disabilities is alas not uncommon. I consider this behaviour to be a hate crime, alas getting police forces to run with this criminality is difficult – maybe the victims are not considered reliable witnesses?

Despite entreaties from myself and Ruth Dean, a former coordinator from the Skelmersdale (West Lancashire), Bipolar Self Help Group, Merseyside police would not investigate these issues of sexual predation.

George Gordon once more does porridge for fraud alone whilst our former councillor contested the Town Centre Ward for the local council in the elections of May this year clearly unchallenged despite his jaunts with Gordon.

Having queried with the relevant political parties regarding the actions of their potentially electable representatives, it is clear from the official response received that responsibility nor action is desired for those individuals. It is claimed the guy’s activities as a previous labour councillor is nothing to do with them.

In retrospect, I`m a UK voter and I think any political party which does not take the protection of `vulnerable` people as a priority does not deserve my vote.

Dave Sheekey DIP SW

Najjanankumbi Women`s Union, Kampala.

Liverpool Echo write-up on Merseyside’s most famous fraudsters inc George Gordon.

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