Abuse of Police Information Notices – a follow up

Quite a few developments in recent days on the use of PINs (Police Information Notices) alternatively known as First Harassment Warnings.

Its a subject thats been blogged about previously.

The IPCC deemed the issue of a PIN by the Metropolitan Police, against a reporter at the Croydon Advertiser, was valid.

Paul Berry, casework manager at the IPCC, rejected the appeal by the Croydon Advertiser. He said the police were “not obliged to investigate the matter”.
“Officers need to have a basis for the alleged harassment but there is no requirement for an investigation,” he said.”

IPCC rejects appeal over harassment warning given to journalist for questioning convicted conwoman

IPCC says Met was right to issue reporter who asked questions of fraudster with harassment warning

The Croydon Advertiser has begun a campaign to have the PIN issued against it’s reporter, Gareth Davies, in March of this year, cancelled.

Petition calls on Met Police to cancel ‘dangerous precedent’ harassment warning given to reporter

Police have sided with a fraudster to smear and intimidate a journalist lawfully doing his job

Croydon MP Gavin Barwell has called for the IPCC to see sense and warns of the wider important issues surrounding the legality of these PINs.

Letter to the IPCC about Croydon Advertiser journalist Gareth Davies 

I am clearly too well aware of the misuse of PINs too well – one was issued earlier this year and virtually amounted to giving perps total freedom in conducting abuse and hate crime against me. The way it worked was that it supported claims my perps had made against me and Met police officers suggested I was a liar and had used wholly unsubstantiated allegations. They threatened to arrest me if I dared make any more reports to the police of abuse against me. It clearly suggested that the Met Police were strongly of the opinion I had made false claims regarding incidents.

As it has transpired, those Met Officers were totally wrong and it was in fact my perps who had lodged wholly unsubstantiated allegations against me. Yet no apology has been forthcoming from the Met.
The Met Police clearly abused my disability. This is amazing coming from a police force that says so much about dealing with disability hate crime.
Matters like this do show that police officers partake in a considerable amount of psychological abuse against victims by way of PINs (as well as other methods besides this.)

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