Disabled triker assaulted by BTP Officer – Analysis of videos 27th & 28th July 2012 – Update March 2015

I still find these images quite horrific. The assault of a disabled man on a trike occurred during a critical mass cycle ride in London on 27th July 2012.

At first it looked like the disabled triker had been at fault but more and more videos were uploaded and these show the BTP officer (no.4125) was completely off his head.

Further investigation showed the disabled man had apparently been trying to calm the situation down but it turned sour and the BTP officer thought he was being attacked. He really lost his cool. Even the female officer that was with him had to try and placate Officer 4125. However that did not stop 4125 from throttling and pepper-spraying the disabled man.

Looking at the video clip below the disabled man had apparently just been pepper sprayed and that is why his face was so red. The officer was also attempting to put him in a headlock grip.

I first became aware of the situation via a tweet from Latent Existence. This and other tweets are reproduced here, showing my thoughts on the situation:

•RT @latentexistence: Policeman assaulting and pepper-spraying a disabled man on a tricycle. http://t.co/Fv1vSKHR #criticalmass Jul 27, 2012

•RT @NabokovBlue: #criticalmass a protest group? Really. Pepper spraying a disabled man on a tricycle isn’t very sporting #execessiveforc … Jul 27, 2012

•Very annoyed at tonight’s police’s treatment of the disabled man Jul 27, 2012

•Some say the disabled man held the policeman down, and this is why the police reacted. Some refute this. Its difficult to see in the videos Jul 28, 2012

•I’ve seen more videos of Blackfriars Bridge Rd, the policewoman who was knocked to the ground, there was just no call for that at all. Jul 28, 2012

•As for the disabled man, I am concerned about his welfare, but have failed so far to see exactly what is happening. Jul 28, 2012

•The policewoman was apparently trying to prevent the copper getting to the disabled man. Few mins after that she was knocked down. Jul 28, 2012

•I think the disabled man was trying to stop the ‘fight’ from falling onto him – who wants people fighting on one’s mobility trike? Jul 28, 2012 

On the 28th of July more videos were uploaded to Youtube and different perspectives were gained of the situation that unfolded.

•Need to look at this video, especially the bottom right hand corner, Still not sufficient though. http://t.co/1yGg7Ea6 Jul 28, 2012

(Watching that video taken from a distance it does look like the disabled man assaulted the officer however its too far away to be of use.)

•Just seen video ( http://t.co/mMAyinfH ) looks like disabled man was trying to stop struggle. Jul 28, 2012

(in that video – at 0.26 onwards – the disabled man gets up, holds onto his trike, tries to grasp and calm the officer down, the officer is PUSHED by a man in a blue jacket and he falls back. This forces the disabled man off balance and he tries to grab the officer for support. Both fall back. Officer 4125 thinks the grabbing constitutes an assault and really loses his temper and tries to pepper-spray the disabled man, as well as hold him in a vice grip.)

4125’s female colleague (the medic officer in black uniform) tries to stop him but he wont stop at all. This is more clearly shown in a different video at 00.08 onwards, where this officer tries to stop manic 4125 assaulting the disabled triker – as the clip below shows: 

•Keep thinking about the disabled man on trike… think he’s been unfairly treated all round Jul 30, 2012

•Dear #criticalmass you haven’t by any chance let the #disabled man on electric trike fall by the wayside? He was a victim too… Jul 30, 2012

That tweet I sent on 30th July 2012 was because it became clear no-one was asking after the man’s welfare, not even the Critical Mass organisers. It is quite apparent they had abandoned him.

Recently I looked at my findings from 2012 and decided to explore this issue further. The findings are as follows:

In the morning of the 2nd of July 2014 I decided to revisit the scenes on Blackfriars Bridge Road. At the time (2012) I had not noticed it, however I found a man with a dark blue suit jacket was responsible for pushing the BTP officer, not the disabled triker. 
This scene shows the man in blue jacket at left (circled red) about to grapple and push the BTP officer. The disabled triker got up to either placate the situation or defend himself from the fighting that was going on. I mean who wants anyone fighting on top of one’s trike?
This clip shows the next step – the BTP officer is grappling with the man in blue jacket and a cyclist with a wheel round his shoulder.
Here we see the disabled man holding onto his trike for support as he tries to reach and calm the BTP officer (4125.) The man in blue jacket is hidden by the cyclist with wheel on shoulder.
Just a few seconds later we see the man in blue jacket re-appear still grappling and pushing the BTP officer.
The BTP officer is clearly struggling because of the man in blue jacket (hidden once again behind the cyclist with wheel on shoulder.)
The man in blue is still pushing & grappling with the BTP officer. At this point he loses balance and pushes the disabled triker back. The disabled triker has no coice but to hold onto the BTP officer now that his grip on the trike has been forced away.

At this point just remember its about this man in a blue jacket who was doing all the pushing and grappling with the BTP officer as well as a cyclist with wheel on his shoulder.

We are now at the point where the BTP officer lost his balance and was about to push the disabled triker backwards, forcing him to loose his grip on his trike and grab the officer for support.

The man in blue has now let go of the BTP officer (4125) and is now doing nothing just standing there whilst the female Police medic officer grapples with the cyclist. The BTP office falls onto the car bonnet and takes the disabled man with him.
The disabled triker falls on top of the BTP officer and of course he cant let go immediately, or he would fall to the ground.
This is the situation as the BTP officer lies on the car bonnet. It looks like the disabled triker has assaulted him but he hasnt. (see notes on R v Metropolitan Police at bottom)
Now look at this next scene, a man in a green T-shirt comes along and pounces on the BTP officer. The disabled triker is clearly trying to stop people fighting.
This next scene shows the disabled triker tryong to stop fighting but its not easy because he needs to balance, and that is why he reaches out quite passively.
The man in blue has re-joined the fighting and is grappling with the BTP officer again. The BTP officer is now demented. He sees the disabled man and tries to grab him.
Other join in trying to stop the officer conducting a massive assault upon the disabled triker. One woman was said to have shouted, “Stop it. That man is clearly disabled.”
As we saw earlier the disabled man was pepper-sprayed and forced into a vice grip, as well as being hit and jostled constantly by the officer. If anyone was actually trying to intervene and stop this awful fighting, there is just no reason they would accept the violence from the BTP officer, and in later bits of the video he can be seen trying to reason with officer 4125.
One more crucial thing, which I explored earlier, was the female medic officer – she clearly made several attempts to stop the BTP officer assaulting the disabled triker. Let’s revisit that image:
Here we see her trying to stop the BTP officer. This can be seen at this Youtube video that was uploaded 28 July 2012.
Clearly she knew 4125 was doing something completely out of order.
Huff Post has this news report on the Blackfriars Bridge Road clashes.
Update March 2015
I found this police blog with a discussion of this incident. Clearly some of the contributors were police officers – ‘the experts.’ No wonder some police officers have a one sided view of matters (see the bit I have put in following the blog extracts – eg R v Metropolitan Police)

Cyclists attack officers in London

Started by Fedster , Jul 28 2012 09:19 PM
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#1 OFFLINE   Fedster

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Posted 28 July 2012 – 09:19 PM

Just seen this on another site, shocking how people can behave, the officers are lucky they didnt get a severe beating, as for that disabled guy what a complete and utter cretin, that guy needs locking up, just because he is disabled, the crowd think it is alright for him to assault officers :mad:.

#2 OFFLINE   pbeg01

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Posted 28 July 2012 – 10:08 PM
Whilst I don’t excuse the behaviour of the MOP’s the Officers were really jumping into the deep end, and could have got a severe kicking. I would venture that if the bald headed guy hadn’t stepped in after the Female officer got put on her backside she may have had a very sore face.

It would be interesting to know what their reason was for heading into the crowd, but i’m sure we’ll never know.

#3 OFFLINE   jonnym

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Posted 29 July 2012 – 12:19 AM
Jesus.Scary stuff. I’d be pushing my emergency button right from begining – they must have but we didn’t see anyone else bar the one car turn up!

#4 OFFLINE   GeorgeH

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Posted 29 July 2012 – 01:45 AM

Paper said you guys arrested over 130 cyclists who tried to breach the Olympic security.

To me it looked like you arrested a scary ugly woman and then the old guy with the white beard who was pounding a cop on the hood of a car. I’ve never seen a bicycle protest before. Interesting welcome to the Olympics.

#5 OFFLINE   LAPDDevildog

I’m New !
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Posted 29 July 2012 – 03:24 AM
I never cared myself to work large events and know all you Officers having to work the Olympics are probably on a grueling shift of hours. I worked the DNC years ago in LA and admit it was a very tough week to get through, such long days. Be safe out there.

#6 OFFLINE   golfpaul

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Posted 29 July 2012 – 07:57 AM
Interesting stuff.

Why would the officers have ventured into this kind of situation, clearly outnumbered etc
Could have gone well and truly ‘pear shaped’.

Good vid.

#7 OFFLINE   SimonT

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Posted 29 July 2012 – 09:03 AM
When you venture into a large but usually peaceful protest made of people who are making a reasonable point you dont expect to get attacked and of course if they went in with a load of officers into the peaceful crowd then we are heavy handed oppressors again.

From Reading some of the protesters whining about what happened they clearly knew they shouldn’t go where they did. It was made quite clear and the police tried to get a dialogue going.
The protesters were saying they knew they shouldn’t go south of the river but not what would happen if they did, so they did it anyway. Do you think they know now?

Edited by SimonT, 29 July 2012 – 09:04 AM.

#8 OFFLINE   firepower

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Posted 29 July 2012 – 03:59 PM
I find this one particularly interesting as an officer on here roundly castigated me for passing judgement on an incident based on a short video clip. He said something along the lines of it like looking through a keyhole and not seeing the bigger picture :blink:

#9 OFFLINE   SimonT

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Posted 29 July 2012 – 04:34 PM
I haven’t seen the video

#10 OFFLINE   scousejon

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Posted 29 July 2012 – 05:15 PM
fella in the wheel chair didnt look to disabled when he stood up, grapped the bobby from behind and threw him onto the bonnet of a car, prevent the arrest of suspect.

I will keep my thoughts to myself about the behaviour of these people.

well done to the fella who helped the female officer to her feet and fended off a potentially nasty attack on her.

Edited by scousejon, 29 July 2012 – 05:15 PM.

#11 OFFLINE   Adler

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Posted 29 July 2012 – 05:47 PM
These people are absolutely unbeliveable. Vile. I can not believe their behaviour, I just can’t.
That disabled guy & the one in the green top?? Lock ’em up, throw away the key. What disgraceful members of society. I’ve been on their website as fancied leaving them some succinct feedback, but couldn’t do so without signing up :g:
I can’t write on here what I really want to say, else I’ll get banned :smiley_strop1: :smiley_strop1: :smiley_strop1:

Proud to be British?

#12 OFFLINE   firepower

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Posted 29 July 2012 – 09:56 PM
‘SimonT’, on 29 Jul 2012 – 5:34 PM, said:
I haven’t seen the video

Google it :whistling:

#13 OFFLINE   Frank Drebin

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Posted 30 July 2012 – 01:18 AM
Wow!!,… The fat ‘disabled’ knacker can be heard at the end telling the copper “I didn’t touch you”,…… Hope the footage gets taken on by the benefit fraud investigators in his case,… (you just know it won’t be),…

#14 OFFLINE   firepower

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Posted 30 July 2012 – 08:31 AM
‘Frank Drebin’, on 30 Jul 2012 – 02:18 AM, said:
Wow!!,… The fat ‘disabled’ knacker can be heard at the end telling the copper “I didn’t touch you”,…… Hope the footage gets taken on by the benefit fraud investigators in his case,… (you just know it won’t be),…

He was awfully able for a disabled chap.

ATB Mick

#15 OFFLINE   Headset 57

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Posted 30 July 2012 – 10:21 AM
It was in if btp’s underground puce medic rwspinse units who were passing and got involved in a ‘ traffic dispute’ between car v cyclists when 1 guy ‘ nicked’ the female officers hat and she got pushed over.

Btp say 1 arrested for assault and somd other stuff. This was part of the monthly critical mass cycle rides (just google it ) that ends up on utube and wasn’t part of the Stratford demo where 200+ got nicked!…

#16 OFFLINE   pbeg01

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Posted 03 August 2012 – 02:30 PM
Thanks for the info headset, I was already of the opinion that it wasn’t part of the bigger operation where tons of them were arrested as other pictures showed plenty of Police. These two were very much on their own. Adds a bit more perspective to it when we know why they were in the middle of the crowd in the first place.

#17 OFFLINE   Echelon

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Posted 24 August 2012 – 08:02 PM
So many people who know ever so much more than the two officers who were caught up in and had to deal with that ugly incident.

I wonder how many of those pontificating and passing negative comments have ever had to deal with something like that unfolding in front of them.

When you have been there and done it then you can maybe wear the T shirt but until that time it’s probably best to hold your tongue :whistling:

Edited by Echelon, 24 August 2012 – 08:03 PM.

R v Metropolitan Police 

It is very clear that police officers can have a hugely mistaken view of events. Regularly happens. People stumble or fall, and officers see these as attempts to assault them. Take THIS case. Its not disability related however it is related in how officers misinterpret events – and get even more worked up, violent, as our very clever guy in the BTP clearly did…

R, aged 16 and his two brothers (then 14 aged and 22) were on their way home after watching TV at their aunt’s house: 

They were stopped by police officers of the Territorial Support Group (TSG), a unit of the Metropolitan Police. The officers purported to carry out a stop and search under the section 60 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 which allows, in certain circumstances, stops to be performed without the need for reasonable suspicion that someone has done anything wrong.

The police officer searching R trod on his foot. This caused R to lose his balance and fall towards the police officer. R was accused of trying to headbutt the officer. He was pushed face first into a fence, his trousers were pulled down, and he was placed in handcuffs. He was then pulled to the floor and a Taser was placed on his neck. He was told that it would be discharged if he did not ‘stop resisting’. R denied that he put up any resistance to the officers during the search. R was arrested and taken to a police station. At the police station he was told he had been arrested for obstructing a drugs search. R was interviewed and later released. No further action was taken against him by the police. R instructed GT Stewart Solicitors to represent him in a civil action against the police. Proceedings were issued at court and the case was listed for trial. Shortly before trial R accepted an offer to settle his claim for £18,000.

There are many cases like this that never reach the news media….

Source: GT Stewart Solicitors

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