Miscommunication with autism can be dangerous – it can ‘confirm’ mistaken, negative, connotations

Miscommunication with autism can be dangerous.

People claim that those with autism/asperger’s take things literally.

I can say that those who are NT’s take things out of context and place them in another. And blow them all out of proportion. Yes NT’s become very dangerous human beings.

Does anyone remember Andrew Young, how he was killed?

It happened clearly because he said things that were defined, fixed, and the attackers, even the killer thought he was goading, messing them around, when he was not and was just responding in the way that anyone with asd would do. he had simply acted in the way he usually did and it was not an act that so many put on when they encounter conflict situations.

Let me give you one major example from my life that began during 1995.

In a previous flat in London I had no problems until the day a new neighbour moved into the flat below mine. A few days after moving in, I met this new neighbour and he introduced himself. So I introduced myself and he then asked if I would like to come in for a cup of tea. I was taken aback and I did not know what to do or say as it was right out of the blue and I did not know him. So I said that I didnt want a cup of tea and very briefly explained why, that I did not feel comfortable with the situation.

Next thing I knew was a few days later i had a housing official at my flat and the nature of the visit was about this new neighbour. He had complained to the housing department that I had been making noises, banging on the floor, swearing at him, shouting at him and so on. I vigorously denied any of this and I just could not believe what was being said. But nevertheless the official warned me not to upset this new neighbour anymore.

Let down & disbelieved completely by this housing organisation

This was not the first such visit and each time I vigorously denied any such actions. Each time the claims were more ridiculous yet the officials seemed intent on the word of this new neighbour. I just decided to ignore things.

One day I left my flat and went down the stairs and as soon as I got to the lower level the new neighbour came out of his flat and stopped me and said, “You know what you are? You’re a fucking bastard. Your’re stupid. You’re a wanker. A fucking pissing bastard.”

He lit a cigarette and went on at me, and I just didnt know what to say, so I tried to indicate I didnt know what this was all about. He got even more angry and started poking me, pushing me, and then speaking right close to my face with this cigarette hanging out of his mouth, repeating words like “you fucking cunt, you fucking pissant, you fucking moron,” etc. I didnt know why this was happening and begged that would he please stop. But he didnt. Then he challenged me to fight him. I had enough and ran off out of our block of flats.

I thought to myself maybe it was a one off, so I decided to do nothing. But it wasnt. A day or two later it happened again. The same events happened. Swearing, then coming close to my face with a cigarette in his mouth then a challenge to fight.

I decided to go to the housing office and complain and they said they would look into it. Certainly they did and were back at my flat not to tell me the results – but to lodge even more complaints against me and inform me that I was being investigated. I could not believe the accusations which had now extended to claims of stuff being pushed in his letter box, me swearing through his letter box in the middle of the night etc. It was so obvious I was being ignored.

That made me really feel unease, unsafe, and I realised I was just being shat on, disbelieved completely and some violent neighbour was getting officials to believe every single word of his whereas my words meant nothing. It shook me but I decided to continue. The attacks went on sometimes several times a week and I was practically desperate for ways to get out of my flat without being heard leaving or walking down the stairs. It got so bad I finally went to the Metropolitan Police and reported the matter.

Let down & disbelieved completely by this London police force

 The Metropolitan Police said they would look into it. Did they? Yes of course they did – not into my complaint but his fantasy laden accusations! They visited him and then listened to his stories and they came up and told me not to bother him or approach him and officers informed me if there were problems then I needed to seek mediation. I just couldn’t understand why this was happening. It meant that both housing officials and police now both believed an abuser, not me.

I tried reporting again but it was no use and both police and housing officials simply re-asserted that if there were problems it meant mediation. I didn’t want to I couldn’t understand why I had to go to mediation. I refused to agree to this and just tried to live my life the best I could.

The attacks got so bad that I eventually had to live in other places, like bed & breakfast and I only stayed at my flat when I felt it was safe to do so. Eventually I moved to a new flat, but that was not the end of it. Another lot abuse began there too and once again I found professionals completely ignorant of my situation again and the Metropolitan Police even giving my abusers the very support they needed. 

One thing is clear, when this started I was confident I would be listened to and action would be taken against the abusers. But as time drew on it just was clear I wasn’t to be believed and the abusers were instead were to be the ones to be believed. 

I found it very hard living and at the same time found it a waste of time reporting anything to either the police or officials and this sadly pervaded into the new place I moved into.

In short I had received a very powerful education. It was a powerful one indeed. I was made to feel worthless, to be dis-believed completely, and my only existence was only to be good enough to be bullied and harassed, even the Met Police were to become part of the very oxygen that this bullying atmosphere so clearly required.

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